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Charge Point Management Systems

There are two CPMS options, depending on your requirements:

Charge Your Car

  • An advanced CPMS that provides open access charging for every EV driver (without membership or subscription, on a pay-as-you-go or free-to-use basis) as part of a national network
  • Remote online access to usage data from all your charge points regardless of manufacturer* including User ID, frequency of use and energy consumption (*OCPP compliant)
  • An advanced one-stop solution for EV drivers (a smartphone app with features including charge point search by location and by type, navigate to, tariff, status, start/end charge, payment, recent, favourites, and nearby)
  • A choice of access methods for EV drivers (smartphone app, mobile phone IVR, and RFID card)
  • A choice of payment methods for EV drivers (credit/debit card, credit account, pre-pay account)
  • Telephone support for EV drivers via the 24/7/365 helpdesk
  • Pricing control – set the pricing of individual charge points by day of week, time of day, length of stay, and by user group (such as visitor, employee, fleet)
  • Visibility control - decide whether your charge points are visible on the Charge Your Car live status map on the website and (from April 2013) smartphone app
  • Payment collection and management – collect payments from EV drivers on your behalf and return cleared funds to you on a quarterly basis
  • Access control - manage EV driver white lists and black lists
  • Advertise your visible network to all EV drivers via the website, app and newsletter
  • Make location and/or time based offers to EV drivers via the smartphone app
  • Monitor real time status, events and alerts
  • Communication with maintenance teams on your behalf in the event of a technical problem with one of your charge points.

Note:  The Charge Your Car CPMS and service is available to network operators / charge point owners on a branded or white label basis. For further information visit

POLAR Network

Elektrobay® charge points are now also able to be part of the UK’s largest network, POLAR, with over 5,000 charge points. For full information, please contact us